Tribal Braids

Tribal braids have really gained popularity over the last few months!

These cornrow braid hairstyles typically have a cornrow going straight down the middle, and then the right and left side mirroring each other. 

Tribal braids on natural hair can last several weeks depending on the size and how they're maintained.

They make for one very pretty protective hairstyle! 

Easy Tribal Braids

This style took about three hours and we used four packs of pre-stretched braiding hair. You'll need more packs of hair if you decide to do the braids thicker. 

If you want to get a long period of time out of your braids, it's better to do them in a small size. 

For this style you'll need: 

  • Rat tail comb to part the hair 
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling 
  • Clips for sectioning 
  • Hair jewelry
  • Pre-Stretched braiding hair
  • Murreys Edgewax for hold

As always, I began with shampooed, conditioned hair. If you plan on leaving braids in for any long length of time, it's beneficial to deep condition first as your hair will appreciate the extra moisture! 

To keep frizz at bay, you'll want to protect the hair with a satin scarf before bed and make sure to wear a shower cap before showering. 

To Begin:

You'll want to section the hair in half, from one ear to the other, and clip the top section out of the way. I started with the box braids because that part takes longer. 

Parting out box sections in a brick laid pattern, I box braided the back half. I used two different colors for the box braids, mostly hair in the color #2 but I did mix a little #30 in there for a bit of a highlight. 

Once I'd finished with the individual braids. I went ahead and started on the cornrow pattern in the top. The center cornrow was the first one I did to ensure that everyone would remain even. 

After the center braid, I jumped to the two cornrows right above the ears, braiding towards the front of the client's face, then finished up with the rest of the cornrows back up into the bun portion. 

With proper maintenance, you should expect to get at least a month out of this natural hair style. 

We left the ends straight, dipping them in boiling water to keep them smooth, but you can always rod them before dipping them for a curlier look. 

Thank you so much for reading, we hope you've enjoyed!

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