Teenage girl with Black Hair, Curly Girl Tips & Tricks

Being a teenage girl with black hair isn't always easy, a lot of times you may be the only curly girl in the room. 

I wanted to dedicate a page to hair styles for teens because I remember that struggle! 

A lot of styles are too mature, some are too baby-ish, hopefully we can find some that meet in the middle.

We would love to hear how we did in the comments below. 

Keep reading for more! 

Teenage girl with Black Hair, Curly Girl Tips & Tricks

At this point in your life, you may be styling your hair on your own, you may be going to a salon, or you may be utilizing the help from a friend or family. 

Who is styling your hair, here are some great options! 

Heat styles are fun, but make sure you're regularly wearing your hair in different protective styles to keep moisture in and split ends at bay.

Flat Iron/Thermal Press: 

Smooth and straight or lots of curls! You can also do a feathered look, which starts out wavy and falls to being straight. 

Make sure that your has has been properly heat treated with a heat protector before heat touches your hair! 

You'll want to wrap your hair at night to keep from sweating it out. Don't forget a shower cap before bathing or showering. 

Dutch Braids/Boxer Braids/Large Cornrows:

These two braids make a great, short-term styling option. They typically last about a week, maybe two weeks. 

You can wear them down for the first week, and then roll the ends of your braids up into two buns whenever they've started to frizz. Or, you can unravel the braids up to the nape of your neck and wear the ends in two curly ponytails. Or add them together to one curly ponytail. 

Cornrow Braids:

There is quite a bit of options when it comes to getting your hair cornrowed, everything from straight backs to lemonade braids to tribal braids

The great thing about this style is that it requires very little maintenance, you'll just wanna oil your scalp and moisturize your ends as needed. 

Jumbo Box Braids/Tiny Box Braids:

Whether it's short or long, thick or thin, there are a lot of positives to having natural hair.

Keeping it clean and conditioned with your ends trimmed will insure that it grows healthy and long. 

Try to stay in a protective style for at least two weeks out of the month, if not more. 

So ladies, how did we do? What hairstyle was you favorite? 

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