Spring Twist Hair Style Tutorial

I love fresh set of spring twist hair twists. 

This natural twist hairstyle uses synthetic hair to add fullness and length to your natural hair while protecting it from the elements. 

Here we'll talk about how to twist hair so it'll stay, plus tricks and tips to get the most of your hair style. 

Spring Twist Hair Style Tutorial

You can purchase the spring twists hair at your local beauty supply store or online. We will include a link to where you can purchase below. 

After you've washed, conditioned, moisturized and blow out your hair, you're ready to begin adding hair in. 

For this style, you'll want to have: 

  • Spring twist hair, you can find it at your local beauty supply store (shop local!), or you can purchase it off of Amazon right here
  • A holding product, we really like using Murray's Edgewax for all our box braids, spring twist, and cornrow styles. 
  • Wide tooth comb to detangle as needed 
  • Rat tail comb for parting out sections 
  • Hair clips to section as needed 

I like to divide the hair into four different sections so I can  work as neatly as possible. Depending on how thick you want the twists to be, you may want to split one of the spring twist pieces in half. 

You'll add the hair in by doing a very small braid for the first inch, and then switching over to a twist. Twist as tightly as possible, this will help to ensure your style lasts as long as possible. 

One of the great things about this hair style is that there's no need to dip the ends, they'll seal on their own as long as you twist all the way to the end. Trim any bad ends off if needed. 

This hair style doesn't take very long, I usually give myself three hours from start to finish. Once you'd finished, double check that the ends all look neat. Spray the scalp with a leave in conditioner and oil it

You will want to make sure that the hair is covered before showering and bed time. To maintain, you'll want to oil the scalp every few days. 

Be mindful of how often you're manipulating the hair, you don't want to cause breakage by styling too tightly. 

Thank you so much for reading our page on natural hair twists. We hope you've enjoyed, thanks! 

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