Protective Styles for Natural Hair

There are so many great protective styles for natural hair

Here we will share our top five favorite hairstyles for black natural hair. 

Some of these styles will be easy braid hairstyles, others may be a little more advanced. 

Together, we will find what works best for you! 

Protective Styles for Natural Hair

What exactly is a protective hair style? 

A protective style keeps the ends tucked up and protected from the elements. Flat irons and twist outs are great, but for the health of your hair, it's very important to tuck it away sometimes. 

I ask for two weeks out of the month to be in a protective style, two weeks can be for loose styles. 


As I've mentioned before, I LOVE upstyles. So classy and feminine, this is my go to both in the salon and dealing with my daughter's hair. 

It keeps all the hair up and tucked away, which makes it great for holding in moisture and promoting healthy hair growth. 

Two Strand Twists

One of those super easy, very reliable hair styles. 

This can be done with or without added hair. You get a bonus hair style after a few days when you unravel the twists. 

The only down side to this hair style is that it can't be done on relaxed hair or transitioning hair, the ends won't hold tight enough. 

Flat Twists

A lot of my clients find that flat twisting their hair is easier than cornrowing it. 

Another pro for this style is that flat twists are easier to remove than cornrows are. 

Depending on the texture, flat twists may frizz faster than cornrows do.


One of the first styles that I learned, cornrows can be done with or without hair added. Adding hair does extend the life of the style. 

A fun way to switch up your hair is use colorful, pre-stretched braiding hair.

Box Braids

Old reliable, box braids can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. 

You have several different parting methods and braid sizes to choose from. 

This client wanted long, medium sized braids, but you can get them braided into a short bob as well.

These five styles are just the tip of the iceberg, there are a million and one ways to protect and tuck those ends away. 

You can always do a combo style, half cornrows and half twists. 

Be careful not to leave your style in for too long, as they will cause matting and make the take down quite difficult. 

What is your go to protective style? 

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