Natural Hairstyles for Boys

There are lots of great natural hairstyles for boys out there! 

Kids boys hair styles, just like girls, rage from styles that take a few minutes to styles that take a few hours. 

Here are three easy toddler natural hairstyles modeled by the cutest boy I know, my son Messiah!

Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Natural Hairstyles for Boys:

My son is almost a year old and was born with thick, dark, straight hair. 

Each month it continues to get curlier and curlier. With that, we've started styling his hair more in an attempt to keep it from becoming a tangled mess!

I always tell parent's this; start styling your kid's hair as young as possible! I would start playing in my kid's hair as young as six months! 

The Man Bun 

This is a style you really don't wanna do too often. I've seen so many babies with receding hairlines from their hair being manipulated too tightly. 

Their hair is so fragile at this age! We do his little bun maybe once or twice a month, if that. Super cute and easy style!

Simply spray down their hair with a leave in conditioner spray and then smooth up into the top of their head with a boar bristle brush. Easy!

Four Little Piggies 

I do this style more often then I should, lol!

You'll need rubber bands for this style, I like to dip mine in a little hair oil first to keep there from being too much tension on his hair. 

You'll want to part the hair in a grid pattern so there will be two ponies in the front and two in the back. 

Cornrows into a Ponytail 

I love cornrows for little ones because they last several days. 

For boy's styles, you will want to make sure that the style doesn't look too feminine, so harsher part lines do better.

You'll want to be a bit more intentional with how you part the hair than you'd have to be with styling a little girl's hair. 

There isn't much cuter to me than a little boy with some gorgeous hair! 

As Messiah's hair continues to grow, it's up to him if he wants to lock it up or keep it braided. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more baby boy hair styles as he gets older!

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