Natural Hair Twist Styles

There are several different natural hair twist styles. 

The spring twist hair style, passion twists, kinky twists...

We'll help you decide which twist hairstyle is best suited for your hair and your needs! 

Keep reading for more info! 

Natural Hair Twist Styles

Two Strand Twists

This style is done on your natural hair. Pictured left are small twists done on long hair. 

This style looks different on everyone, depending on your hairs length, texture, and density. 

It makes for a great protective style and has a good bit of versatility as well. 

Plus, you get a bonus hair style whenever you unravel the twists! 

Flat Twist Updo 

I am obsessed with this natural hair style! It has a million and one different variations. 

It makes for a great protective hair style as well as an awesome transitioning hair style. 

You can two strand twist the top into a bang, tuck and pin it, perm rod set it, flexi rod set it, really whatever your heart desires. 

Flat Twisted Ponytail 

This sweet girl had a bit of heat damage, so we did a cute flat twist hair style into a ponytail and then set the ends of her two strand twists on perm rods. 

After wearing this hair style in for a few days, she was able to go back and unravel the ponytail and wear it curly. 

You can always add a hair bow! 

Passion Twists 

I have a love/hate relationship with passion twists. 

Gosh are they pretty, but sadly, they don't last as long box braids do. 

The great thing about this protective style is that it is fairly quick to install and the take down isn't too bad either. 

Hair is added in the style, so it can be a damage-free way to try out different colors! 

Spring Twists 

This right here will get you spoiled! 

They're much lighter than the passion twists and the box braids are.

They sit at your shoulders, long enough to have styling versatility but short enough that the install is very forgiving. 

This is another great transitioning hair option.

Flat Twisted Mohawk 

Any style that can be done with cornrows, can be done with flat twists. 

We flat twisted this clients hair towards a center part, and then we added a bit more hair in the middle for a funky look.

She loved it! 

Natural hair truly has no limits, this was just a small picture into all the styling options.

We hope that you've enjoyed this page. 

Which was your favorite out of these natural hair twist styles?

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