Natural Hair Moisturizer

Finding the right natural hair moisturizer is the difference between healthy, strong hair and experiencing a lot of breakage. 

Dry natural hair breaks, the only way to combat this is by keeping it moisturized. 

I would say that this is the most important step, followed closely by using a good natural hair shampoo and conditioner. 

Here are a few of our favorite hair companies! 

Some of our favorite natural hair moisturizer options: 

Please keep in mind that most of these companies are independently operated or classified as a small business. 

We love to support small businesses and hope that our readers will too! 

We did this braided mohawk using Darcy's daily leave in conditioner and Madagascar vanilla styling butter. 

The products offer enough hold and moisture to go several days between having to re-moisturize. 

Darcy's Botanical 

Darcy's has a wide range of products for all your curly hair and skin needs. Some of my best protective styles and twists outs were achieved with their products. 

I've watched the company expand over the years but stay true to their mission of offering affordable hair care products without sacrificing quality care or ingredients. 

Moisture Love

Not gonna lie, I'm a little late to the party with this one. I only discovered these products in the last few years when I worked in a natural hair salon. 

Their moisturizer smells like heaven! It's heavy enough to be used while protective styling, but doesn't weigh you hair down. 

These products are pH balanced. Trust me, your hair will thank you! 

Beija Flor Naturals

They are an organic hair and skin care line. Their products don't sit on the surface like a lot of other lines do, but get to work penetrating the hair shaft to soften and condition the hair. 

I first used this line many years ago, it's been wonderful to watch the company grow! 

Camille Rose

They are not a small company but still an honorable mention. 

It's nice to have the option to run into Walmart or Target and grab something that you know your hair will love. 

Make sure you check out our page on the benefits of using aloe vera gel for natural hair. 

Quality hair products really do make a difference! I can't tell you how many times I've had to pry hair greese, Cantu, or Pink hair products out of my clients hands! 

Once they've tried to good stuff though, they're hooked! 

What are you waiting on? 

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