Mohawk Braid Hair Styles

I love mohawk braid hair styles. 

Mohawk braids are easy to accomplish and last for several weeks at at time. 

You can do this braid mohawk hair style on any length or texture. You can do this style on relaxed hair as well, you'll want to either add hair in the middle or rod it instead of twisting it. 

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Cute mohawk braid style with two strand twists

There are a lot of different ways to do this hair style. On this page is two different methods, but the sky really is the limit.

You could always rod set the middle, two strand twist it, braid it and pin in, blow it out super big...Anything you can think! 

Make sure you're protecting your hair by tying the sides down at night. A little hair oil on your scalp every few days will help reduce any itching. 

This style is done with flat twists, but can easily be done with braids

To begin, you'll want to start by washing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing the hair. If you have the time, letting your hair air dry is a great way to reduce direct heat and better help your hair retain moisture. You'll want to do a few chunky braids or twists to keep your hair from tangling back up as it dries. If time doesn't allow, you can just blow dry it out with a heat protector. 

As I've mentioned before, I do not like to braid on wet hair. It shrinks as it dries and causes the hair to 'bunch' instead of lying flat. 

Once the hair has been prepped, part it diagonally into three different sections. The center part will be the 'mohawk' section. If your hair is long or thick, you may wanna make this section the tinniest. If your hair is finer, you'll want to make the middle section fairly thick so it doesn't look skimpy. 

Using a rat tail comb, part the hair from the outside through towards the middle section. You can do your cornrows (or flat twists!) with as little or much of a pattern as you desire. I've found that designs typically age a bit better than straight cornrows do. Tie the end of the cornrow off a rubber band. 

Repeat on the other side. 

By now you'll need to know what you're doing with that last section. If you rod it, you'll want to sit under a dryer for at least an hour or sleep in them.

We hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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