Living Proof Hair Products

Living Proof hair products are a fairly new line, established in 2005, this hair company has won more than 150 awards for disrupting the industry and solving the toughest problems in hair care.

Voted one of the best professional hair products, you can purchase there through your hair stylist or online in their hair care store. 

Living Proof Hair Products

There were a few products in this line that really jumped out to us that we've chosen to highlight below. 

One of the coolest features on the Living Proof website is the hair care quiz, which emails you a custom hair regimen based off of your hair needs. 

Perfect Hair Day Shampoo 

What a cute product name! Phthalate, sulfate and paraben-free, this professional hair shampoo promised to help deliver beautiful healthy looking hair, while helping hair feel cleaner, longer. Living Proof also has several dry, detox and color safe shampoos to choose from so whatever your hair needs are, they have a cleansing product for you!

Restore Conditioner 

This hair conditioner renews softness and shine while strengthening and protecting from everyday hair damage. Free of any Phthalates, parabeans or silicones, this conditioner is safe for both chemically altered and color treated hair.

Restore Instant Protection

I think that heat protectors are one of the most under valued hair care products. Unless I'm doing a completely wet set style, like a rod set or twist out, everyone who sits in my chair gets a heat protector. Before using a blow dryer and absolutely before any heat tools, you should be spraying your with a heat protecting product. 

Something that stood out to me about Living Proof was the amount of hair awards they've won. Easily the most decorated hair line I've ever seen! 

They also have information on what salons close to you have the Living Proof hair products available for purchase.

To solve the root causes of everyone’s top hair concerns: frizz, damage, and fullness, our team of stylists and scientists analyzed 100s of competitive products that have been in the market for the past 30 years. What they found was that the traditional beauty industry relies on heavy silicones that mask hair symptoms but don’t really solve them.

What came next from those studies were three revolutionary discoveries that appeared in the form of microscopic molecules. 

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