How to Straighten Natural Hair Without Causing Heat Damage

There's a trick to learning how to straighten natural hair.

With bit of patience and some practice, you can easily learn how to straighten black hair without damaging it. 

You'll want to invest in a good heat protector! 

Keep reading for more details. 

It can be fun to see how much growth you've retained! Flat ironing your hair is only recommended when your hair is healthy enough to withstand the heat. 

A good deep condition before hand is a good idea. Use a heat protector before you blow dry. 

How to Straighten Natural Hair

To begin, you'll want to start off by shampooing and deep conditioning the hair. 

It's a good idea to deep condition because the less product (moisturizer/oil/etc.) you add to the hair, the better. You want movement and body! 

Flat Iron Natural Hair Pictures: 

Thing's you'll need: 

  • Heat protector 
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Denman or paddle brush 
  • Hair clips to section 
  • Pin tail comb 
  • Edge control 

Also, a blow dryer with a concentrator or a comb attachment. The comb attachment is easier to use. 

After de-tangling and applying a generous amount of head protector, section the hair into four even sections. I prefer to start in the back, holding the blow dryer in one hand and wide tooth comb in the other, keeping the hair taunt while directing the stream of heat downward. I go over each section with the comb first and then the a brush to further smooth the hair out. 

If you have a comb attachment, it's the same concept, using the teeth of the comb to hold hair while you slowly drag the blow dryer through the hair. 

Once the hair has been completely dried, section the hair back into four sections and, starting at the nape of the next, part out tiiiiinnnnnyyyyy sections, getting as close to the root as you can, glide the flat iron down the length of the hair. 

Don't rush! It's better to do one or two slow passes than several fast ones. 

Once you've done all the sections, you can run a drop of hair serum through the hair. You can go back through and curl it or feather it. 

I like to use Paul Mitchell Shaping Cream on the edges, but there are several really good edge controls out there. No gels or anything too wet. 

To preserve, you'll want to wrap the hair at night. Pin curl or throw in some rollers if you wanna keep your curls. 

Remember, take you time and don't rush! 


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