How to Dreadlock Your Hair, Interlocking vs Palm Rolling & More

I'm often asked how to dreadlock your hair?

Before you start locking, there are some things you should know. The literal definition of dreadlocks is to mat ones hair. 

Have you looked into temporary dreadlocks or are you sure you want to dive into this permanent hairstyle?

Let's get some questions answered!

How to Dreadlock Your Hair, Interlocking vs Palm Rolling

One of the first things you'll want to consider is what is bringing you to the decision of wanting to lock your hair? 

Is this a first choice or a last resort? Over the years, I've found that people who lock their hair out of frustration or as a last resort, often later regret their decision. 

Locking your hair is such a big commitment, you're going to want to be very sure that it is truly what you want. 

Are temporary dreadlocks (crochet dreadlocks) a better fit for you?

Will you be palm rolling or will you be interlocking? Interlocking is a hardier form of locking, it stays longer than palm rolling does but has a tendency to not look as "neat" as palm rolling does. 

A lot of times I will start my long haired clients off with interlocking and my short haired clients off with palm rolling. Interlocking would be my go to method for clients with soft hair, long hair or people who swim or work out frequently. 

Interlock Dreadlocks

The best lock candidates are the people who are already low-maintenance naturals.

Weave queens (such as myself, ha!) should think long and hard before making the plunge to lock their hair. Women who like to wear box braids or other easy, low-maintenance natural, protective styles seem to have an easier time locking. 

Knotty Boy makes some of the best dreadlock hair products!

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about this style is that it requires no work. There is a bit of time that will go into this style, but retwisting every 4-6 weeks is nothing compared to being in the mirror daily!

Although cornrowing hair is my first love, dreadlocks will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

This style speaks to ones ability to put in the work today for the reward of tomorrow. 

Such a rewarding style, I love my dread lock clients!

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