Hairstyles for Black Natural Hair

Combination hairstyles for black natural hair are styles that include more than one type of braiding or twisting method. 

On this page, we'll be sharing a style that uses both crochet braids and side cornrows to make up one of the cutest protective hairstyles that we've done! 

I know you're going to enjoy this 'do as much as we did!

Hairstyles for Black Natural Hair

We used passion twist crochet braids for this, but crochet locks, braids, or even loose hair would be equally as cute. 

You can purchase crochet hair on our Amazon store. They have several different colors to choose from, we went with a simple ombre color. 

For this style, we used fourteen inch hair, but if you like long hairstyles than twenty inches will be more your speed. 

Like always, I started with shampooed, conditioned hair that had been thoroughly detangled and blown out. 

For this style you'll need: 

  • Rat tail comb to part the hair 
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling 
  • Clips for sectioning 
  • Crochet hook
  • Pre-Stretched braiding hair
  • Murreys Edgewax for hold
  • Crochet braiding hair

To begin, you'll want to section out the part where the side cornrows will sit. We decided on the right side. We added a little braiding hair to the cornrows that were left out to increase the life of the style. The cornrows that are visible should be very small and neat, the cornrows where the crochet hair is added on to don't need to sit quite as perfectly as they'll be covered. 

After you've cornrowed the hair into the desired pattern, you'll want to tuck the ends up. I like to sew the ends of my cornrows down, but that's optional. 

Add the crochet hair in with your crochet hook. For this style, you get a bonus hair style towards the end if you so choose, you can unravel the twists for a twist out. 

Finally, oil the scalp with your favorite hair oil and smooth any edges back with some edge control. It's important to cover the hair up for bedtime and also before showering. 

With proper maintenance, you should get 4-6 weeks out of this style if not longer. When the cornrows get fuzzy, you can always add crochet braids over that section to cover them up. 

My client loved this hairstyle and I'm sure you would too! 

Thanks for reading! 

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