Three Easy Hair Styles for Black Kids

Protective hair styles for black kids help to promote hair growth by retaining hair moisture. 

Natural hairstyles for black kids can include anything from cornrows to two strand twists. 

These styles should be both cute and also low maintenance. 

We know you'll enjoy these cute hair styles!

Three Easy Hair Styles for Black Kids:

On this page, I'm going to share three of my go-to hair styles for my daughter. I like all my kid hairstyles to take less than an hour, as that's about as long as they can sit still! 

If you don't know how to braid or how to cornrow, it may be worth it for you to buy a doll head to practice on! Dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to perfecting your craft and you'll see a huge improvement in just a few weeks!

This style always gets her a lot of compliments! You'll need hair elastics and also hair beads. I started by doing four cornrows up the back of her head and then three on each side in the front.

You can use black rubber bands down the middle if your little one is a little older than my daughter. The hair beads can be optional, but my daughter is obsessed, haha!

You can either do a ponytail or a bun like we did. We opted for a smooth sock bun to keep her ends more hydrated and protected. 

For this style, you'll need to be pretty comfortable cornrowing. The most challenging part for this style is the cornrowed heart. Two small cornrows joined into one, and then add the beads on the end. 

We went with clear and white beads, but any color is fine. The rest of the cornrows had a slight curve to them and went up into my daughter's little ponytail puff.

This last style is probably my daughter's all time favorite. She loves her "pony hair style"! 

For this natural hair style, you'll part the hair into three different sections. The thinnest section will be down the middle, and that's where the actual mohawk section will be. The two sides make up the cornrow parts. This is be a transitioning hair style as well, you would just flexi-rod or perm rod set the middle section. 

We like to do cornrow accent braids for beads, but that's just up, you're by no means obligated! 

One of the wonderful things about having a little girl is all the cute, fun hair styles that she I have been able to do together. 

We hope that you enjoy these styles as much as we have. 

Thank you for reading!

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