Hair Products for Natural Hair, Reviews & More

How do you decide on the best hair products for natural hair? 

There are tons and tons of hair products for dry hair, products for hair growth, the list goes on forever! 

As a licensed cosmetologist and a texture specialist, it's my pleasure to share product reviews on some of the products that I use daily.

I hope you enjoy!

Hair Products for Natural Hair, Reviews & More

I've had the privilage of testing out many products over the years. I'm excited to share my thoughts on how each line and product performs. 

Hopefully these reviews will save you some time and some money! 


This is a natural hair product line that uses both natural and organic ingredients to create products formulated just for curly hair wearers. I used these products on several different hair types and textures. We tested these products on styles such as passion twists and box braid hairstyles.

Cannabutter Eczema Body Butter

Combating skin dryness and itchiness. A few weeks after having my second child, I noticed that Messiah's sweet, soft baby skin was becoming harder and harder to keep moisturized.

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