Best Hair Oil for Black Hair

I'm often asked what's the best hair oil for black hair growth. 

Here we will be sharing the benefits of using castor oil for hair growth, coconut oil for hair moisturizing and almond oil for hair moisture retention. 

Thankfully, all of these oils can be found at your local health food stores or online. 

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Hair Oil for Black Hair Growth

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: 

Castor oil is one of the heavier, thicker hair oils. I love this bad boy for my clients going into box braids or an extension hair style. You wouldn't want to use it for a twist out or flat iron, as it's too heavy and would weigh the hair down. 

Whenever I have new clients or clients that have experienced breakage or thinning, I like to recommend rubbing this oil into their scalp two to three times a week. 

You can find castor oil online or at Whole Foods. Be careful about purchasing your oils where you buy your groceries, a lot of times those oils have been so dilated that you're not truly getting your monies worth. 

Quick Tip: Remember, oil can't moisturize your hair, with the exception of coconut oil. Water and oil don't mix. Water being your purest form of moisture, needs to be the first ingredient in every one of your natural hair moisturizers. You follow up with a hair oil after to lock that moisture in.

Organic Coconut Oil:

Not all coconut oil is created equal, be mindful of the cheaper knock offs. Coconut oil is the only hair oil light enough to penetrate the hair shaft, making it the only hair oil that can actually moisturize. 

A little goes a long way. A little coconut oil rubbed into clean hair with the hair butter of your choice will help to keep your curls bouncing and behaving. 

Almond Oil: 

Last but certainly not least, almond oil is the perfect oil to seal in moisture! Oil can also be used as a cost effective heat protector. 

After I've washed, conditioned, and moisturized, I like to add a generous amount of almond oil into my client's hair before styling

Another great way to use this oil is to separate out perm rod and flexi rod sets. 

These are just some of my personal favorite oils, there are many other great choices. 

What's your go-to hair oil of choice? 

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