Design Essential Hair Products

Launched in the 90's, Design Essential hair products were created with the mindset of bringing professional salon care products home for every day use. 

Design Essentials are some of the best professional hair products. 

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Design Essential Hair Products

As a licensed cosmetologist, I use a lot of hair care products. While these are not my typical go-to products for natural hair styling, they sure make for one heck of flat iron style! 

Design Essentials remove dirt and debris, condition and leave the hair almost weightless for the lightest, best flat iron service you've ever seen! Here's what we like to use and why!

Honey Creme Moisture Retention Shampoo

This is one of the best smelling shampoos ever. I recently talked about the different kinds of shampoos, mentioning  the importance of a moisture shampoo when washing dry hair. This is one of those shampoos! Honey Creme gently lifts dirt and deposits moisture into the hair at the same time. How cool?

Agave & Lavender Moisturizing & Detangling Conditioner

One of the biggest challenges a lot of my clients face when going natural was learning how to properly detangle their hair without causing breakage. A conditioner with a lot of 'slip' will help assist with the detangling process. Rake this conditioner through and begin finger detangling first, working your way up from the ends up to the roots. You'll finish off with either a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush. 

Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum

You only need a tiny bit of this liquid gold for it to do its job. I like to dump a few droplets into my hands and then rub through wet hair before I blow dry. It acts as both a heat protector and also enhances shine. Under no circumstances should you be applying heat to your hair without a heat protector!  

Sleek MAX Edge Control

Last but certainly not least, if you're edges aren't laid, is it really a flat iron? After hitting those edges with a thermal comb, you'll want to rub a little of this on your edges and brush flat with a small edge brush. Or you can also use a fine tooth comb if you prefer.

I haven't yet tried out their natural hair products, but I did wanna go ahead and share my product choices for creating a weightless thermal look. 

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