Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

We fell in love with this Dutch crown braid style and we know you will too! 

These crown braids (also known as a French crown braid or a halo braid) take less than two hours to install and can last for well over a month. 

For this particular 'do we added hair in to extend the life of the style, but that part is completely optional. 

Check it out!

Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle for Adults or Children

For this style you'll need: 

  • Rat tail comb to part the hair 
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling 
  • Clips for sectioning 
  • Pre-Stretched braiding hair
  • Murreys Edgewax for hold

As always, I began with shampooedconditioned hair. If you plan on leaving braids in for any long length of time, it's beneficial to deep condition first as your hair will appreciate the extra moisture! 

To Begin:

The first thing you'll want to do is part the hair out from ear-to-ear. You'll want to go ahead and braid this section first. Because I knew I wanted to add a little pop of purple braiding hair in, I did make sure that the cornrows were a little more simple, but you can do the braids as fancy as you desire. 

After the first row of cornrows were done, I went ahead and moved on to the back. I've included a diagram below for this part to help it make sense.  

Where the red line is, you want to part that section across and then braid away from it, creating a circular section of cornrows. 

I did the back cornrows next. Again, I purposely did a more simple cornrow design because I would add color in and didn't want the style to be too busy.

Finally, once all the cornrows are finished, you'll want to do the chunky Halo braid last. It's best to start in the back so the start of the braid is undetectable. When I got the end of the Halo braid, I tucked and bob pinned it into place. 

For a smoother finished, I like to mousse the entire style down, tie flat with a professional styling strip to help tame any frizz and flyaways and place the client under a hooded dryer. 

Overall, I love how this style turned out! It's something a little out of the ordinary without being too mature or too youthful. 

As long as the style is tied down each night, she should get over a month out of it. For more on extending the life of your style, make sure to check out that post right here

We hope that you all enjoyed this style, thank you so much for reading! 

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