Dreadlocks Styles

There are so many different dreadlocks styles that can be achieved with a a few bobby pins and a little imagination. 

Dreadlocks styling has been around as long as the locks themselves have been, as seen here when we touched on the meaning of dreadlocks

I also wanna break down the three basic types of dreadlocks. 

We hope you enjoy these types of dreadlocks hair styles! 

Dreadlocks Styles

There are three main types of dreadlocks. 

  • Palm Rolled - palm rolled locks are re-tightened by rolling the lock quickly in between your palms. This is a great method for people with tightly coiled hair. 
  • Interlocking - interlocking works well for looser textures that need a little extra help staying rolled, people who are very active and need to be able to wash their hair weekly, or little kids who may be hard on their hair. 
  • Free formed "rastafari dreadlocks" - free formed are typically what people think about when they hear the world 'dread lock'. I typically start my clients with a nice, clean palm-rolled foundation and then let them free-form on their own. 

New Palm Rolled Dreadlocks

One thing to keep in mind before locking your hair is that some jobs can be closed-minded to the hair style. Make sure you're good to go in that regard before committing to the hair style. 

Another option is sister locks, which are tiny interlocks installed in a grid pattern. You can find out more about sister locks on their website right here: SisterLocks.com

In case you haven't noticed, YES, you absolutely can color your dread locks. Most of my lock clients are rocking color, whether it's just a quick root touch up or all over color and highlights. 

You can color your hair first, before getting it locked, or after your locks have had a chance to settle.

Locks typically take anywhere from 6-18 months to settle and be completely mature. Thicker, coarser hair locks much quicker than straighter or loosely curled hair does. 

You want your locks to be healthy enough to color them without having to worry about damaging them. 

Colored locks will need to be deep conditioned about once a month to keep them from break off. 

Speaking of breakage, be sure never to style your locks too tight! 


Don't be afraid to play in your locks! There are so many great different styles that you can do. 

Let us know, what's your favorite way to style your locks?

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