Dreadlock Hair Extensions

Dreadlock hair extensions (also called dreadlocks extension, temporary dreadlocks, Faux locks, etc.) uses synthetic hair to make a temporary lock extension. 

This style is very protective and has gained considerable popularity thanks to social media. 

It's a fun way to have dread locks for a period of time without having to really commit to the hair style! 

Check this cute 'do out! 

Dreadlock Hair Extensions

For this natural hair style, you'll want to purchase a few packs of the Equal Cuban twist hair. This brand has a lower luster and it works well to make a lock. 

I don't recommend using anything to shiny, it'll be slippery and won't last as long. 

Be sure to tuck all the locks up and underneath a bonnet before bed. Resist the urge to repeatedly style your locks as too much manipulation can cause them to frizz prematurely. 

This is a fun time to add a little bit of a highlight or do an ombre color. 

Start by washing, conditioning, moisturizing, blow drying and trimming the ends if needed. I don't know who needs to hear this, but can we please stop holding onto those dead ends?

You'll want to set your foundation. Go through parting out small sections, you'll braid the natural hair about two inches down, you can leave the rest of the hair loose it'll be covered in the lock and won't matter. 

Using a crochet hook, slide the closed hook underneath the roots of the braid. Grab onto the middle of a piece of the Cuban hair, slide it through. The Cuban hair will be straddling under the braid. Grab the longer side of the Cuban hair and begin twisting it around your natural hair and the shorter end of the Cuban twist hair. 

Getting the roots as tight as possible, slowly work your way all the way down as long as you desire the lock extension to be. Finish off by burning the end of the lock to keep it from unraveling.  

You'll want to get to your roots every few days and thoroughly saturate them with the hair oil of your choice. 

Because you have to do two hair sessions (first the braids and then go back and wrap them), this is a fairly lengthy hair session. Make sure you factor enough time from start to finish! 

We hope you've enjoyed this post on this gorgeous hair style! 

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