Crochet Hair Styles

We love crochet hair styles! 

Whether it's crochet deadlocks, crochet braids or loose hair crocheted in, this style keeps your hair protected and safe from the elements. 

Crochet braid styles are a protective style that uses synthetic hair that's loose, dread-locked, twisted or braided to change the look of your existing hair. 

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You can find crochet hair at your local beauty supply store or online on Amazon. You'll want to cornrow your hair down and then crochet the pack hair on top of the braids. 

You'll need anywhere between 4-9 packs of hair, depending on the look you're going for. For the loose hair look, I like to use between three to five packs of hair. For a very natural look, three works well, for a very full look, you'll want to use up to five packs. Locks/twists/braids, you'll want to use between six to nine packs. 

Crochet Hair Styles:

For look pictured above, we did go ahead and do singles around the perimeter before crocheting the middle sections in. This makes for a more natural transition to the hair style. 

Note, you can get a bonus hair style if you decide to unravel the box braids or the twists after a few weeks and wear a twist out. 

The style pictured above was done a little differently. For this, we rod-ed synthetic hair on perm rods and boiled them. Once they'd dried, we went ahead and installed them on the client.

This makes for a very low luster crochet styles. Model Model, Freetress and other crochet hair brands tend to have a very high sheen, plastic look to it. This method works around that problem. 

For those of you who've had a negative reaction to synthetic hair, I've had a lot of luck with rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar. 

For loose crochet hair, I prefer to use a more tightly curled hair. The looser curls (gogo curl, deep twists, etc.) tend to tangle a lot more than the tighter ones do (Bohemian, water wave, etc.). 

For the twists/braids/dreadlocks, I do highly recommend doing a row or two of singles to help the style look more natural. 

You'll want to sleep with a large satin bonnet and oil your scalp as needed. Using an oil mix with tea tree mixed in will help keeping your scalp from itching. 

We hope you love this style as much as we do, which form of this style is your favorite? 

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