Braids with Natural Hair

Done correctly, braids with natural hair can last for several weeks at a time. 

Braids on natural hair is nothing new; lemonade braids, tribal braids, all of these styles have been around for quite a long time. 

Thankfully, this natural hair movement doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon!

Braids with Natural Hair

Braids were the first style I felt like I'd really mastered. I spent many years working on my braiding skills. I wanted the stitching to be even, the tension amount level, and I wanted the style to be something that the client was proud to wear.

One of the greatest compliments I receive is when clients text me to reschedule their next appointment farther out since their current style still looks so good! I love that feeling! 

Sometimes it is the little things, like that pretty bracelet you may wear or your shiny new engagement ring that's snagging on your hair. Be mindful of the jewelry on your hands and wrists.

Here are three tips to extend the life of your natural hair style! 

Protect Your Hair At Night Before Going to Bed

I'm always horrified when I hear people say they just jump into bed at night. Your bed is the absolute best place to destroy your hair style.

You want to cover your hair at night with a hair bonnet, this works great with reducing the friction and keeping your style as frizz-free as possible. Another option is to sleep on a satin pillow case. If you're a wild sleeper, go ahead and invest in both, ha! 

Care For Your Hair As You Typically Would

There ain't nothing worse than dry, old looking braids. I always recommend that my clients care for their hair when it's braided just as they would when it's down and loose. Spray a leave in conditioner on your hair (don't bother wasting product on the synthetic hair, just focus on the length of your real hair) and add a generous amount of hair foam on top of that, while your hair is still wet, tie it down flat with a hair scarf. You'll want to do this every few days to keep your hair moisturized

Avoid Getting Your Hair Wet Unnecessarily 

Showers, hot tubs, swimming... All of these fun activities are really good at ruining your hair style. What happens is that your hair stretches when water hits it and then shrinks back to its curly state as it dries, making your braids lumpy and frizzy. You'll want to avoid getting your hair wet or tie it down flat before it dries. 

Well, there are three tips to help your style last just a little bit longer. We hope you've found this information helpful! 

Thank you for reading!

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