Twist & Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Searching for braid hairstyles for girls?

This can be a tricky feat, you don't want the style to be too youthful, but you also don't want it to be too mature. 

Here we will be showing off several different natural hair styles for young girls. 


Twist & Braid Hairstyles for Girls

To begin any of this styles, you want to shampoo and condition the hair. To keep the hair from shrinking as it dries, you want to either blow dry it or plait it into a few chunky braids to stretch it out. 

Use edge control or a holding product on your braids and twists to keep the amount of frizz at bay for as long as possible. 

Two Strand Twists

This natural hair style has been around for ever. Twist hairstyles last for a good while and can be pinned up into additional looks.

You also get a second hair style whenever you unravel the twists and have a twist out. 

Flat Twist Updo 

How cute is this style for a little girl? Can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

You can also switch this little 'do up by unraveling the twists in the front and having the top section be curly. 

Braided Twisted Mohawk 

This style combines cornrows and two strand twists together for the ultimate protective hair style

Again, the great thing about having twists as part of the style is that you can untwist them to change up the look. 

Braided Piggies 

These little braided hair buns work wonderfully for holding in moisture. 

We opted to tuck and pin the ponytails up into little buns, but that's completely optional, you can always let them hang loose as ponytails. 

You'll want to remove any hair bows or clips before bedtime to reduce any breakage.

Another tip is to go ahead and moisturize the ends of your twists or braids before bedtime, sealing the moisture in with an oil of your choice. 


Cornrows and braids work well for the summer time, as they're one of the few natural hair styles that can hold up with getting wet. 

You'll want to wrap with a silk scarf before bed to keep the hair from rubbing and frizzing.

You can see more about lemonade braids (side braids, Beyonce braids) right here

Dread Locks 

Yep, I said it. It's absolutely okay to lock a child's hair. Yes, it's a HUGE decision and a big commitment, but there are a lot of benefits to locking a child's hair. 

Pictured left is a palm rolled lock installation on a seven year old. She did great! 

Box Braids 

You'll want to be mindful of adding less hair on a child's head than you'd do an adults. You don't want to add too much weight to their sensitive scalps. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to do the box braids too thick. 

Crochet Braids

This style takes a fraction of the time it would take for individual braids or twists. 

They're not quite as versatile and they're a bit bulkier, but overall a great protective style. 

Who knew there were so many great braid hairstyles for girls?

What's your favorite hair style?

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