Creating Box Braids on Natural Hair 

Box braids on natural hair make the best protective hair style! 

Box braids hairstyles take several hours to achieve and in turn last for many weeks. 

You can purchase the pre-stretched box braids hair at your local beauty supply store.   

Jumbo Box Braids on Natural Hair

E-Z pre-stretched braiding hair is a personal favorite of mine. It's easy to find and great quality at an affordable price. 

You can buy it in a four pack for roughly $7.99 plus tax. You'll need anywhere between four and eight single packs of hair or two of the four packs.

It comes in a wide range of colors. It's coarse enough that holds up well without looking too rough. 

Model Model has a brand of pre-stretched braiding hair that I don't care for. I've found it to be too slippy to grip easily. It has a shinier appearance that makes it hard to blend with natural hair. 

My advice? Spend the extra dollar or two to buy nothing shorter than 26 inches. 20 inches is shorter than you think. I have found it to a great length for a child, but high school age and up will want the added length and versatility that the 26 length supplies. 

You will want to find a good holding product to help with flyaways. I like Murray's Edgewax.

They have the standard product and also the extra hold. The extra hold one is typically a dollar or so cheaper, this is usually the one that I grab but either will work. 

Be mindful of the condition of the hair's ends. Damaged, knotty ends won't want to lay smoothly in the braid. You do need to wash and blow dry the hair first, of course, but if your ends won't smooth out when you blow dry, go ahead and let them go! 

You can wash your box braids as needed, you'll want to tie them down as they dry. Allowing them to dry in the open may cause frizzing, keep them tied down to dry makes for a smoother finish. 

For the ends of the box braids, you have a few options. The first is just leaving them straight and dipping them into boiling water, another option is to do two chunky braids on the ends and dip them or the last option is to set the ends of the braids on rods before dipping them. 

Box braids are a great hair style for any woman, it keeps the hair protected and can be moisturized easily.

We hope that this page has helped to answer any box braids on natural hair uncertainty that you may have had! 

Thanks for reading! 

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