Box Braids Hairstyles

So many box braids hairstyles to choose from! 

We recently posted about how to braid box braids, but today we wanted to share some of the fun, funky box braid styles that we've done in the past. 

Don't be afraid to get in your braids and start experimenting! You'll be glad you did. 

Box Braids Hairstyles

I like to leave my box braids down for the first few weeks and then begin styling them once they've begun to frizz. Styling them does help to hide that new growth as it comes in. Typically your braids will be too tight to comfortably manipulate the first week or so anyway. 

Be careful not to pull you sides back to tightly! I've seen so much damage done to natural hair from protective styles installed incorrectly. 

We've mentioned this before, but you can wash your box braids after a few weeks. You'll want to use a translucent shampoo and do it in the morning so your braids have all morning to dry before bed time. Tie them down as they dry to keep them from getting frizzy. 

Accessorize! For this look, we just threw a cute headband on. Now is the time to get out cute scarfs, colorful hair clips, and funky hair buns! 

Do a side braid. For this we simply did one large side cornrow and bobby pinned it at her nape, letting the opposing side fall over the bobby pins.

Pull 'em up! Buns make for a fabulous way to get that hair off your neck and out of the way. Dress up the bun with an accessory. 

Two options on this one. The first one is to do a half up, half down cornrow; the second is keep the braid going and make it into one large Dutch braid. 

How pretty is this fishtail French braid? Always a crowd-pleaser, you could also roll the end of the braid up and make a little rosette updo.

For this, you'll want to bend forward and let your hair fall towards your face. One large Dutch (or a French braid!) up the back and then tuck and pin it into a side swooped bang.

This is just six easy options you have to switch up those box braids. Some of the best styles come from experimenting so don't be shy! 

We hope that this post has brightened your day and has given you a few cute 'dos to think about. 

Thanks for reading! 

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