5 Pros to the Box Braids Hair Style

The box braids hair style has been one of the most requested natural hair styles in every salon I've worked in. 

With its ease to maintain and longevity, box braids on natural hair will be around until the end of time. 

Here you'll discover five pros to rocking the box braid hair style!

5 Pros to the Box Braids Hair Style

As a licensed cosmetologist and a texture specialist, I find myself doing more and more box braids every year. This style is great for all ages and every season. I highly doubt this style will be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Today, I've excited to share five great reasons for either you or a loved one to rock this beautiful natural protective hair style. 

-Pro Number One 

First and foremost, in my humble opinion, box braids are the ultimate natural hair style. They can handle swimming, sweating, or any work out that you can throw at them. This is my go-to style for my little naturals heading to camp or off to grandparents for the summer!

-Pro Number Two

Box braids are a great way to add color and length without alternating your current texture. As pictured above, we were able to add several colors into the clients hair without having the bleach or color her real hair. I've done blues, purples, pink...any color can be braiding in!

-Pro Number Three

Box braids make for quite a bit of versatility. There are a million cute, fun hair styles on Pinterest to change up your current look. Everything from updos to half up, half downs to mohawk hair styles; box braids are an easy way to change up your style!  

-Pro Number Four

This style is a great protective hair style while making it easy to care for your natural hair underneath. Besides wanting to oil your scalp and use a leave in conditioner every few days, this style has very little maintenance. For more on the care and keeping of box braids, check out this post right here.   

-Pro Number Five 

Provides for a good style for people transitioning to natural hair, as well as a low maintenance style for new or young naturals

There are many more reasons than the five listed to check out this hair style. Like all extension services, I prefer to use pre-stretched braiding hair, as it makes for the quickest install! E-Z braiding hair is my personal favorite brand. 

It's always one of the most requested styles in the salon! We love that box braids are clearly here to stay!

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