Box Braid Tutorial

So, you’re interested in learning about the box braid style?  

On this page, you’ll discover how to do box braids on natural hair and on straighter hair textures.  

This summer it's been all about the jumbo box braids, but no matter the size, learning how to braid box braids on yourself or a client takes lots of practice!  

I remember one of my first clients in hair school wanted this style. I started her at 9am that morning and was one of the last people to leave that afternoon around 5.

Thankfully, my speed has increased quite a bit since that day.  

Box braid style with box parting and lightly curled ends

This style has been around for a long time because natural hair does so well box braided. We now have the knotless braid option as well, which a lot of women love. Don't be afraid to try different hairstyles on your braids

Another hair style to consider is two strand twists. They are done just your natural hair. 

Here’s a few things you’ll want to have:  

  • Pre-Stretched ORIGINAL EZ BRAID
  • Rat tail combs
  • Plastic Alligator Hair Clips for Women
  • Murray's Edgewax
  • African Pride Setting Mousse

To begin, you’ll want to start with clean hair. I’m not the type hairdresser to skip steps, before I do any style on my clients, I require a thorough shampoo first.  

After that, you’ll want to condition. If time allows, this is a great time to add a deep conditioning service. The hair will be braided away for several weeks, adding as much moisture in beforehand will only help to promote growth.  

Next, stretched out hair will braid the best. You can achieve this by blow drying.  I’ve braided on wet hair before; the hair will want to shrink back up as it dries, and the braid will bunch and frizz. Don’t do this. Take the time to completely blow dry straight. The straighter the hair is underneath, the smoother your braid will be.  

Furthermore, I like to part the hair out into four sections. First, I’ll part the hair down the middle and then I’ll do another part, this time from one ear to the other. I clip all but one section out the way. I find that starting in the front helps, this parting matters more than the back so it makes the most sense to start here. Plus, your client's hair will look cute right away.  

Half moon parting

You’ll want to discuss the parts with your client (or yourself, haha). Triangle parts? Box braids? Half moon parting? I’ve discovered that half moon parting is typically the fastest parting method, but when I’m doing the larger jumbo braids, I will do triangle parts as it adds an extra detail. You’ll see a lot more scalp with larger braids, make sure you factor that into your parting method.  

Once you’ve slaved away for what’ll seem like years, you’re going to want to finish your braids off by smoothing the ends. You have three choices: dip them straight into the boiling water to keep them straight, braid the ends for a crinkled look, or rod them for a super curly look. Boiling water on the cook top is truly the best way to get the water hot enough, kettles and microwaves can only get the water so hot!  

Box braids on straight hair

Finally, after the ends have been finished off, cover the roots and down the shaft of the braid with setting lotion. Access to a hooded dryer is preferable, but a regular handheld dryer will work in a pinch. Blow the hair downward, helping to smooth any imperfections.  

To maintain this look, covering the hair with a bonnet at night works best. You may have to freshen up the edges every few days. A leave in spray to the roots and some oil on the scalp will help with hair growth.  

Colorful Box Braids

I’ve done this style as young as on a three-year-old, on Caucasian women, for special occasions - this look works for almost anyone!  

Check out these five pros to wearing box braids

We hope you’ve found this information helpful!

Have you every worn box braids before? If so, what was your favorite thing about this hair style?

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