Black Hair Styles for Women

You're gonna love these black hair styles!

From natural hair twist outs to cornrow braid hairstyles, there are so many great ways to rock your natural hair. 

Here are six options, let us know which is your favorite! 

Black Hair Styles for Women

So many women are ditching relaxers and learning to embrace their natural hair texture. 

We wanted to write this post to highlight some of the options to wear in any setting, whether it's professional or casual. 


Flat Twist Outs

This style can actually be done on relaxed, transitioning hair or natural hair. Depending on how  straight your ends are, you may want to perm rod set the ends. This style does best when you've left the style in either under the dryer for a couple hours or worn it for several days. 

Flexi Rod Out 

I love a good rod set, but be prepared to spend some time under the dryer. I know some people who have mastered the art of sleeping in the rods, but I can't see how on earth that would be comfortable! 

Flat Iron

Heat doesn't have to be the enemy. Knowing how to straighten your hair safely will prevent you from a world of trouble. There is nothing more frustrating than having to grow out heat damage, be careful and use a good heat protector! 

Flat Twists Updo

So feminine, natural hair updos make such a good protective hair style. It keeps the ends completely tucked away and does a great job of retaining moisture. You can always use a leave in spray to dampen and moisturize your hair without having to take anything down. 

Cornrows for Women

Alternating the size of your cornrow braids makes for a cute spin on a more traditional hair style. We opted to make the braids go to the side, but you can always do a single row, braided ponytail or half up, half down. Be sure and oil your scalp every few days to promote healthy hair growth! 

Sew In 

Sew ins have come such a long way, they make a good protective for natural hair as most, if not all, of your hair is tucked up and away. If you want all your hair put away, you could always try a frontal or a lace front. You'll want to shampoo and sit under a dryer every few weeks to keep your scalp clean. 

Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet hairstyles have been around forever, but they're a very popular right now. For good reason, they keep all of your hair up and protected against heat and manipulation. 

Working with natural hair has been such an eye opening experience, there are so many different ways to style our hair

Some styles, like flat twists, passion twists or cornrows, can have their life extended by adding pre-stretched hair in. Other styles, like a flat iron, doesn't last that long on natural hair, unfortunately. 

We always recommend wrapping your hair before bed to keep the frizz at bay! 

We hope you've enjoyed these hair styles! 

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