Black Girl Hair Styling Tips & Tricks

Black girl hair styling starts at such a young age, here you'll find the tips and tricks to make these hair styling sessions just a little easier. 

Hair styles for black girls range from a few pigtails to lots of braids. Depending on your child's hair length and texture, you can get anywhere from a few days to a few weeks out of these natural hair styles. 

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Black Girl Hair Styling Tips & Tricks

I've been doing hair professional for years now, and every Easter weekend, Thanksgiving week, and Christmas time means a million little girls will be coming through my doors to get their hair laid for the big occasion. 

Every since hair school, I was known as the hair stylist crazy enough to actually LOVE doing little girl hair! The hair bows, the beads, the cute little braided bangs, I just love it! Over the years I've learned a few things to help keep my little ones sitting still when getting their hair done. 

Distraction is your biggest asset. I have a TV in my hair studio and the littlest one in the room gets the remote! Hulu, Netflix, cable, whatever it takes. TV's are great when you need your little one to focus on a certain area, tablets and phones are better for up-dos or any style where you need them to look down. You can always start with one electric and then switch to the other when needed. 

If you're not into electronics as much, you can always print off coloring pages or use picture books. Puzzles, blocks or barbies can work too. 

I'm a softie, I like to reward good behavior. My daughter already knows that hair time equals candy time. You can get a lot of braiding done in the time it takes a little one to finish a lollipop! 

I've heard of people who use a sticker reward system to get their little one to sit still. Every good hair session equals a sticker. After accumulating so many stickers, they can cash them in for a new toy or something along those lines. 

Remember, willing and able are two different beasts. I promise you your little one isn't intentionally trying to sabotage hair time.

A little practice and a lot of patience go a long way to making hair time less of a chore. 

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