Black Girl Braids Styles

There are so many different black girl braids styles out there. 

Here on this page, you'll find everything from side braid hairstyles (also known as Beyonce braids) to mohawk braids. 

Some of these styles have hair added, others are done just using the clients natural hair. 

Adding braiding hair in does help to extend the life of the style. 

Black Girl Braids

Natural hair is so versatile. The sky really is the limit. Braids make a great protective hair style. Keeping natural hair styled helps to promote growth. 

Most of these natural hair styles last for several weeks as long as properly maintained. A silk scarf at night helps to keep the level of frizz down and prolong the styles freshness. 

Halo Braids

I once did an entire wedding party with this hair style! 

Pictured left, this halo braid has a few accent braids on it but that's completely optional. 

Smoother textures typically work better that coarser hair does as far as longevity goes, as the thicker hair tends to wanna revert back faster. 

Two Dutch Braids

Also called boxer braids, this style has hair added to the clients natural hair. 

Unfortunately, this style doesn't last that long, typically a week or so before it starts to frizz. 

You can always add a few accent braids or metal hair beads to spice the style up. 

Half Up, Half Down 

This style was done without hair added, but you can always add hair if the clients hair isn't long enough or if it's damaged. 

You can bun the top or leave it down in a ponytail like pictured. 

Adding plastic hair beads or metal beads is another option as well. 

Mens Cornrows

We can't forget about our male clients out there! 

This was actually a fun copy-cat style that we did earlier in the year, he loved it. 

Keeping the parting more sharp and straight helps add to the level of masculinity in the style.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a natural hair style is life style. 

Will this style have to endure sweat? Will this style have to be more professional?

We have a page for our little naturals as well, you can find that page here

Simple Braided Updo 

This was a fun, funky little upstyle that we did to assist the client growing her hair out. 

What I loved about braid and twist combo styles is that it's easy to change the style up by unraveling the twists. 

Also, two strand twists hold moisture very well. 

You can learn more about twist hairstyles right here

Low Braided Pony

This style has hair added, we added hair and brought it over to one shoulder. 

The client wanted something cute but had very low maintenance that she could travel in. 

Cornrows are one of the longest lasting natural hair styles. Check out our page on braided mohawks right here

Individual Box Braids

I did this hair style on one of my little clients. 

Her hair was long anyway so there was no need to add in any braiding hair. 

We did go ahead and curl the ends of her braids to add a little extra detail. 

Box Braids

We've already written a page on box braids, you can find it right here

One of the best thing about this hair style is that it last for a very long time. 

Low maintenance and you can change this style up quite a bit.

We hope you've enjoyed this page featuring several different black girl braids styles. 

Did you have a favorite?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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