Beyonce Braids

Beyonce braids, lemonade braids, side braids, whatever you’ve dubbed these side braid styles, we are going to talk about them here.  

They’ve been around forever but gained popularity after Beyonce's famous Lemonade album came out.  

You can achieve this hair style with just the natural hair or can always hair in extensions to make the hair style last longer and give it more length if desired.  

Beyonce Braids

As always, I recommend starting with clean and conditioned, blown out hair. I like to use a shampoo with sulfates for protective styles.

If the hair is going to be up for an extended period of time, you’re going to want to strip as much dirt out as possible beforehand. Blown out hair braids the best, it’s smoother than air dried hair and will allow the braids to lay smooth.  

From braids to updos, Beyonce's hairstylists always knock it out of the park! 

You’ll Need:  

  • Murrarys edge wax 
  • Setting lotion
  • Metal rat tail comb 
  • Wide tooth comb 
  • Clips for sectioning 
  • Pre-stretched braiding hair (if desired) 

You’re going to have to pick a shoulder for the braids to hang over. If one side is more damaged or short, I typically have the braids go away from that side. Just a personal preference, I can’t say if it honestly makes a difference or not.  

I start in the back, taking very small sections in at a time and adding hair in if need be. This is a really fun time to pull out some ombre hair or add in a different color than the client's existing hair color.  

With you want a more bohemian look, you can always add in a few pieces of curly hair and have the ends hang loose. I love how straight ends look with this style, but you can always curl the ends if desired.  

Something to keep in mind is that this hair style can’t be pulled up very easily. If the client is very active or doesn’t like hair on them, this may not be the best choice for her.  

You will want to add some edge detail on the more visible side! To maintain a silk bonnet or tying the braids down flat will preserve the hair for as long as possible. Also, be mindful of your braids getting frizzy rubbing against car seats and the back of couches. 

For hair added, boil the ends for a smoother look. Braid or rod the ends first and then dip in boiling water for a curly look.  

We hope that this answered any questions that you hard regarding this style, if not, please leave them in the comments below!  

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