Best Shampoo for Natural Hair

There are several things to consider when selecting the best shampoo for natural hair. 

What are the ingredients? 

Does the client have any allergies?

There are so many different natural hair shampoo and conditioner options out there.

After reading this, you'll know what to look for! 

Best Shampoo for Natural Hair


Before I do any of my protective hair styles, I like to give my clients a thorough wash with a clarifying shampoo. This strips everything out of the hair allows for me to style their hair knowing that it has been properly cleaned. Another time to use this kind of shampoo is before you flat iron so you get the most movement and body as possible. I like to do this just one time, I don't wanna strip the hair of its moisture if at all possible. 


As the name suggests, this shampoo is more mild and more gentle than your average 'poo is. If you're not much of a sweater or your hair is more dry by nature, you'll want to invest in a good moisturizing shampoo and follow up with a deep conditioner. Most natural hair wearers fall into this group and just need a moisturizing shampoo. 

Before & After 

Color Protecting:

For all my color treated clients, you'll need a color safe hair shampoo that will cleanse without stripping your hair of it's color. Redken makes a really good one. Before using this on any chemical services, you may need to use a neutralizing shampoo first to regulate the hairs pH balance. 

No Poo/Co-Wash:

I like to think of co-washing as more of a rinse than an actual wash. Another name is a cleansing conditioner. This is more for in between freshening and not so much cleaning. Think of this as a Swiffer mop, it'll clean the surface but is by no means a deep cleaning. 

Another Before & After

Be mindful of your shampoos ingredients, the more natural ingredients the better, just like in your foods. 

Thankfully, stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Target have made access to these products a lot easier. 

Regardless of what shampoo works best for your hair, you always want to end with a conditioner, a rinse out or a deep conditioner, and properly moisturize your curls. 

What brands of products are you currently using on your hair? 

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