Beautiful Hair Braids: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your Style

Getting the most out of your beautiful hair braids doesn't have to a challenge. 

Braids with natural hair, when maintained correctly, can last several weeks at a time. 

Braids and cornrows make one of the best protective styles for natural hair.

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Beautiful Hair Braids: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your Style

It's a common misconception that braids just maintain themselves.

They don't.

You need to make sure you're protecting, moisturizing and oiling your scalp and hair on a regular basis to get the most of your hair style

Natural hair is great for braiding because it gives the hair a chance to breath and to rest form daily manipulation. Because natural hair breaks when over-handled, it's important to utilize protective hair styles in order to improve your chances of it retaining length. 

Leave Your Hair Alone: 

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to style it and then leave it be! Yes, it's important to keep it moisturized to keep from breaking, but more often than not your hair isn't retaining length because it's breaking off! 

It's a common misconception that natural hair doesn't grow. Think about it; on average, you're shedding anywhere between 50-100 strands of hair a day. If you hair truly wasn't growing, after a few years of shedding, you'd be bald! We know it's growing, it's just a matter of retaining that length! 

Protect Before Bed: 

Every time you go to bed without using a bonnet, scarf or head wrap, an angel loses its wings! But no, a serious note, you can't expect to jump into bed with your hair freshly done and think you're still gonna be cute the next day! 

My mom always told me that head coverings don't leave the bed! When you wake up, take it off and leave it under your pillow so you can easily find it for the next day! 

Moisturize & Touch Up As Needed: 

Every style requires a little bit of maintenance! Keeping your hair moisturized keeps it supple enough to keep it from breaking off. Finding the right natural hair moisturizer doesn't have to be hard, find out all about selecting the right products for your hair right here

After you've moisturized, you'll want to seal the moisture in with a good hair oil. To rid yourself of frizz, you'll want to enlist the help of a foaming pomade, add a generous amount to your braids and tie them down flat to dry. 

Maintaining natural hair doesn't have to be a struggle! With a little TLC and some know how, you'll have mastered the curls on your head in no time! 

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