Bantu Knot Hairstyle

I did this bantu knot hairstyle on my daughter last week and we've loved the results! 

Bantu knots make for one of the most protective styles for natural hair because all of the hair is completely secured and tucked up out of the way. 

I incorporated a few cornrows and beads to make it more child friendly. Plus, you get a bonus hair style when you take the knots down. 

Check it out!

Easy Bantu Knot Hairstyle

For the record, I honestly forgot about this hair style. I went to visit my parents one day and saw my older sister was wearing some knots and that inspired this 'do! 

You can do bantu knots on locked hair as well. We did this on wet hair and left them in for several days before unraveling them. You'll want to keep in mind that these knots do take quite some time to dry completely. 

For this style you'll need: 

  • Rat tail comb to part the hair 
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling 
  • Clips for sectioning 
  • Murreys Edgewax for hold
  • Beads (optional)

As always, I began with shampooedconditioned hair. We recently discovered a new shampoo and conditioner that we've really enjoyed! If it continues to impress me, we will do a product review soon! 

To Begin: 

You'll want to start with the cornrows. I took a little style inspo from the tribal cornrows that I did a few weeks back and did a center cornrow going directly down the middle.

After the center cornrow (which I tucked up into one of her bantu knots), I did two braids each side going down over her ears. Styling the hair in this manner is a clever trick to add "bangs" while keeping the hair out of your eyes. 

After the cornrows were done, I simply parted out funky sections for the knots. I used a rubber band at the base to make the sections extra secure and then twisted the hair as tightly as possible into a knot. 

Repeat until you've run out of hair to knot. 

My sweet baby girl received soooo many compliments on this hair style! 

I will say, the only downside to this style is that the knots seemed to get uncomfortable for her after a few days. When that happened, we went ahead and unraveled them for a curly bonus hair style. 

Having a little girl is so much! I never get tired of styling and playing in this little one's hair! 

What are you waiting on to give this cute 'do a try?!

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