Baby Hair Style Tips

Baby hair style tricks and tips! 

There's nothing cuter than braids for kids. 

It can be tricky to find braid hairstyles for girls that's age appropriate.

Here will focus on styling for the itty-bitty divas out there. 

Comb Coil Out

This cute little 'do is achieved by washing and conditioning the hair first. I like to use a light leave in spray and then rake some hair gel through in small sections.

Finally, using a fine tooth comb, I coil the hair from root to tip. Finger coils is another way to achieve this look. Once the hair has completely dried, you want to separate out for a fuller finish. 

A cute hair bow or flower will complete the look! 

Simple Ponytail Baby Hair Style

Don't you just love baby hairs?

This one is super easy, great for short hair lengths! Pretty self explanatory. You'll want to wash, condition and de-tangle the hair prior to starting. 

I began by parting from one ear to the other. That front section I brushed to one side and secured with a small hair elastic. A cute orange clip in the front to match her dress. 

Moving on to the back, I parted that into two sections from top to bottom and made two ponytails with the hair back there. 

A little edge control for those baby hairs and you're in business! 

Dutch Braided Bun

This cute little bun always gets a lot of compliments! Not bad for a ten minute hair style! 

To start, you'll want to remove any tangles or knots so your braids lay as neatly as possible. A straight part down the middle will be your next step. Go ahead and clip one side out of the way for now. 

Starting at the nape of the neck, begin Dutch braiding up towards the top of the head. French braids would work too, whatever is most comfortable! Repeat the Dutch braid on the other side as well. 

Smooth the ends of the braids into a ponytail and roll into a neat bun. This one definitely calls for a cute bow! 

Four Cornrows into Buns

I promise you I'm the queen of easy hair styles. This one doesn't take very long but you can get several days out of it. 

You can part down the middle, but I chose to part off to the side. Side parts just seem so feminine to me! 

You'll do two rows of cornrows on each side that lead up into the little buns. Hair gel is your friend, it helps to keep all the fly aways at bay! 

Gorilla snot those edges down! 

Cornrow Puff

You'll want to be pretty comfortable braiding hair to tackle this one. The great thing about cornrows is that they last for several days for little ones, several weeks for more mature clients who know how to maintain their hair. 

A part on the side and then small cornrows up into that puff. Cute hair bow, edges laid. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Adjust your expectations. Willing and able are two entirely different beasts. It's really hard to sit perfectly still for little ones. Not because they wanna ruin your cute hair style, but because they're little! Give them grace.
  • Distract! This is the time to pull out the iPad, the kindle, turn the tv on, whatever! A some coloring page or a fun pop up book is a great way to hold them still. 

Bantu Knots

  • Bribe. Hey now, I never said I was above this! A little girls who sit still to get their hair done always deserve a treat, haha! 
  • Work in front of a mirror. It's a lot easier to keep them excited when they get to watch the magic unfold in front of them. 

We hope you've enjoyed this page on baby hair styles as much as we enjoyed writing it. You can find more on extending the life of your hair style right here

What is your favorite baby hair style? 

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