Coily Hair Guide

Welcome to your Coily Hair guide!  

I think it’s safe to assume that either you or someone you love has curly hair and is searching for a better hair routine. 

We can create a great hair routine through learning natural hair styles and mastering some of the best hair treatments 

Let’s get away from the stigma of having nappy hair and learn to embrace our God given curls.  

As a licensed hair stylist, I specialize in caring for African American, African and Biracial hair. I’ve dabbled in several different areas of cosmetology, but there’s just something about styling natural hair that always brings me running back.

I graduated from Paul Mitchell shortly after high school, but I’ve been playing in hair since I was young. 

Coily Hair Girl

On this website I’ll answer some of my most asked questions, such as how to straighten hair and dive into the importance of protective styles for natural hair, we’ll tackle natural hair myths and so much more.

Natural hair is such a passion of mine!  

Before we get too deep, let's talk about natural hair for a second – what exactly qualifies as natural hair?

Hair that has not been altered by chemicals, hair worn as it grows from the scalp.

Cornrows for Men

We can't leave our male readers out, we will include several posts for the men who are choosing to grow their hair out.

I may make a lot of ladies mad with this comment, but colored natural hair isn’t technically natural, but let’s give them a pass anyway, shall we?

Down the road we may touch on relaxed and texturized hair, but for the most part this website is about people rocking their natural hair. Whether it's biracial curls or natural hair, this will be a place to celebrate our hair!

Hairstyles for Little Girls

Some of my favorite clients are my little ones! I love those cute little Easter hair styles, those first trips to hair salon visits; my little clients will always hold a special place in my heart.

From the moment I got pregnant with my first child, I prayed that I’d have a little girl who would sit still for me to style her hair. I got one of those things, I’ve since learned how to get her to sit still. I am going to share my tricks and tips for styling little one's hair as well.  

Box Braids

One of my favorite natural hair styles is box braids. There’s just something so rewarding and satisfying about a fresh head of box braids! They last several weeks at a time and allow for plenty of air to get to the scalp. They can be washed as needed and oiling them every few days promotes healthy hair growth. We have a page on this popular hair style of course.  

Any dreadlocks wearers out there? I’m excited to talk about the dreadlock meaning, share different lock hair styles, and touch on how I’ve successfully locked dozens of clients over the years.

Not everyone is a good dead lock candidate, before locking someone's hair I always do a thorough consultation to make sure that they’re completely on board with the very permanent hair style. 

This is your one stop shop for all things regarding coily hair.

We’re so glad you came!  

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